December 31, 2017

New Year’s Eve
no call from my parents
the stars seem to drift

December 30, 2017

moonlight on snow
as a plow opens a path
we root for the shine

December 29, 2017

no sign of the fox
we imagine it curled up
nose tucked under tail

December 28, 2017

bitter cold
we hold our hands open
over the fire

December 27, 2017

our winter wishes
you turn to ask, will these stick?

… a few flakes of snow

December 26, 2017

tall trees
turned by the winter wind

into instruments

December 25, 2017

minus a ladder
we string our lights by flinging
starshine bridging the gap

December 24, 2017

unpredicted rain
in this stack of old Christmas cards
your handwriting

December 23, 2017

cold, dark and clear
this sky making way for stars
a memory returns

December 22, 2017

the shape of my dream
more elusive as I
try to remember

December 21, 2017

fingernail moon
keeping us company
on our cold walk home

December 20, 2017

in this longest night
somehow still hanging on
dry dead leaves

December 19, 2017

returning home
for a midwinter visit
everything seeming small

December 18, 2017

these long dark nights
perfect for spell casting

black on black on black

December 17, 2017

along with yesterday’s snow
front yard bunny’s tracks

December 16, 2017

the audience stands
you slip your hand into mine
a tale ends and begins

December 15, 2017

tucked into burrows
talking about how cold it is
even the rabbits!

December 14, 2017

melted snow
how did I miss the signs
that you had moved on?

December 13, 2017

Geminid shower
the spark lingering in her
long after sunrise

December 12, 2017

bucking horses
and barking dogs

karma’s messengers

December 11, 2017

hoping our luck holds
another night walk
full of stories

December 10, 2017

head held high
the fox stops to taste the night
moonlit December

December 09, 2017

walking home alone
hoping the snow will stick
I practice your name

December 08, 2017

last night’s frost
waiting for a chance to shine
like me, like you

December 07, 2017

winter walk
your voice made visible
as you call my name

December 06, 2017

forced air heat
even with the lotion
my skin starts to crack

December 05, 2017

everything changes
at once more and less real
as we speak these words

December 04, 2017

December 03, 2017

the year’s brightest moon
putting it all in focus
your faith in me

December 02, 2017

an almost-full moon
lighting up tonight’s frost
why leave your arms?

December 01, 2017

all that was left
as the world fell away
the sound of your voice