August 31, 2020

when weariness
is indistinguishable from grief —
willow trees bent low

August 30, 2020

the mud has healing powers
we learn from our boy

August 29, 2020

with every day
a little more grapevine
a little less tree

August 28, 2020

gone-to-seed grass
tickling her palm as she passes
summer’s handshake

August 27, 2020

trickling in
as the birds dry off
today’s dawn chorus

August 26, 2020

cycling home
to the cheers of my neighbors
so much closer now

August 25, 2020

bandages and water 
protesters go on a run
for supplies

August 24, 2020

every downhill path
now slick with fresh mud
we grab for each other

August 23, 2020

just the one rain cloud
we take cover together
her smile my sun

August 22, 2020

August 21, 2020

acorns underfoot
the squirrels so busy
with forgetting

August 20, 2020

afternoon ravens
tucked into shadowed nooks
their black eyes watching

August 19, 2020

scanning the treetops
for a bird whose song I know

August 18, 2020

August 17, 2020

cloud-crowded skies
no sign of the Perseids
I wish on a memory

August 16, 2020

loon songs
an echo of freedom
we take turns crying

August 15, 2020

the ides of August
grasshoppers punching through
to cooler air

August 14, 2020

mid-summer sun
the front yard bunny
forgets to be afraid

August 13, 2020

cosmos and ironweed
sharing their corner of sun
we chose well, you and I

August 12, 2020

great blue heron
still point around which
the Earth revolves

August 11, 2020

tasting my own salt
as the heat wave shimmers
meadowlarks singing

August 10, 2020

last after-eight sunset —
let’s drive to the reservoir
and skinny dip

August 09, 2020

spending long days
in search of shade and shelter —
survival instincts

August 08, 2020

we give up looking
and discover just how much
we were in our way

August 07, 2020

August 06, 2020

goldfinches in flight
their calls like laughter
brighter by the day

August 05, 2020

pandemic stories —
my throat sore from yelling
past the mask

August 04, 2020

hiding in plain sight —
a green heron in the reeds
my father’s alcoholism

August 03, 2020

darker sky ahead

we travel in the same direction

as the storm

August 02, 2020

noisy neighbors

I float a lullaby

over the fence

August 01, 2020

twenty twenty —

a year's worth of photos

me with my eyes closed

July 31, 2020

all the questions

seem like good ones now —

starlings by the treeful

July 30, 2020

house sparrows

side by side in a shadow —

no secrets stay kept

July 29, 2020

when we’re apart

my mind fills in your voice —

come closer, will you?

July 28, 2020

dark sky, black branches —

the screech owl lets us know

she was here first

July 27, 2020

lingering heat

like a weighted blanket —

only the birds move

July 26, 2020

when the land we stand on

has only ever been stolen —

where does freedom live?

July 25, 2020

rudbeckia seeds

last season’s supernova —

we make our own light

July 24, 2020

July 23, 2020

July 22, 2020

thunder’s slow growl —

the trees turn their backs

thirsty but proud

July 21, 2020

hoagies for dinner —

no one left to ask me

how long a roll I want

July 20, 2020


goldfinches above the field

flexing level changes

July 19, 2020

after the climb

the view of the long valley

and the next hill

July 18, 2020

maybe a tulip bed?

we cast our lines

into the future

July 17, 2020

settling in at dusk

heedless of their pull on us —

red-tailed hawks

July 16, 2020

a doe and her fawns —

she picks through the gardens

explaining choices

July 15, 2020

great blue heron

casually flaunting its prowess

on one leg

July 14, 2020

clouds and their shadows —

I feel your feelings

over here

July 13, 2020

Eastern Kingbird

snatching her meal from the air

with dizzying ease

July 12, 2020

fireflies and lovers

lighting the way

for each other

July 11, 2020

apple pancakes —

I make my father’s specialty

for my son

July 10, 2020

air like a damp towel —

the storm pulls up a chair

and decides to stay

July 09, 2020


the last of the poison ivy —

we think ahead to fall

July 08, 2020

tree swallows —

swooping back in wide circles

just because they can

July 07, 2020

drifting downriver

my hand dangling overboard —

summer lets down her hair

July 06, 2020

knowing from the song

just who’s come to call —

red-winged blackbird

July 05, 2020

forged in fire —

the familiar feeling

of fighting back hope

July 04, 2020

statues coming down

as fireworks explode —

sparks in search of fuel

July 03, 2020

aspen leaves

toying with the wind —

my fingers in her hair

July 02, 2020

grandmothers and toddlers

walking in sun-warmed water —

the bay at low tide

July 01, 2020

June 30, 2020

every strawberry

bright with the memory

of picking with my mom

June 29, 2020

drumming rain

and streams being born —

close the workhouse

June 28, 2020

a space in the tree

where the baby robins were —

four new stories

June 27, 2020

missing the feeling

of flip turns in the pool —

pandemic summer

June 26, 2020

waiting all day

for a chance to stand tall —


June 25, 2020

every day

the nest gets smaller —

fledgling robins

June 24, 2020

your old letters —

knowing what they say

without looking

June 23, 2020

my neighbor’s garden —

the yarrow I wish I’d planted

in my own

June 22, 2020

standing stems

where there were flowers —

the deer have found us

June 21, 2020

first day of summer —

the mosquito’s engine

starts right up

June 20, 2020

summer solstice —

avoiding the rain

that never came

June 19, 2020

azalea petals

fallen now so we can spot

last year’s nest

June 18, 2020

bright green forest floor —

deep enough to swim in

or drown

June 17, 2020

tell me the story

of how we rescue each other —

self-seeding primrose

June 16, 2020

floating just above

stands of tall abandoned grass —


June 15, 2020

bedtime —

all the bugs that snuck inside

trying to get out

June 14, 2020

there was a hill road

to use if I ran away —

I never needed it

June 13, 2020

evening primrose —

self-seeding protests

spring up

June 12, 2020

June 11, 2020

before you

there was this longing —

wind that brings the rain

June 10, 2020

midday heat —
the nesting robin and I
going nowhere

June 09, 2020

wind in the leaves
down here at street level, too —
we’re setting our sails

June 08, 2020

open windows —
birdsong hitching a ride
on the cross breeze

June 07, 2020

Black Mothers Rising
lead us in meditation
honeysuckle in the air

June 06, 2020

homemade protest signs
woven into the fence —
words still doing work

June 05, 2020

full moon in rain —
I imagine the gratitude
of just-planted flowers

June 04, 2020

our nearly grown boy
teaches himself to juggle —
a wistful moon looks on

June 03, 2020

the pause just before
she remembers she can fly —
fledgling robin

June 02, 2020

bending the long grass
as she turns in a circle —
the doe at dusk

June 01, 2020

impenetrable —
doghobble’s arching branches
rooting at the tips

May 31, 2020

attacking the ivy
before it gets to the house —
roots too deep to dig

May 30, 2020

cedar waxwings
and the berries they love —
anything to look up

May 29, 2020

I kneel on the ground
to cheer on my seedlings —
four tiny leaves each

May 28, 2020

our front yard bunny
delicately mowing down
a line of clover

May 27, 2020

just two days of work
and the new nest is ready —
robins at our door

May 26, 2020

everyday grief —
stars that grow brighter
as we look away

May 25, 2020

dead tree —
a warbler on a high branch
sings in the sun