April 30, 2016

secondary storm
the wind blows down
raindrops from the trees

April 29, 2016

back to cold again
the bird on the lilac
sits fully fluffed

April 28, 2016

rain after the rain
the beginning of puddles
and the end of thirst

April 27, 2016

above and below
where his elbow pads go
spring lacrosse tan

April 26, 2016

pristine green
new ivy leaves
before the climb

April 25, 2016

coming home to
a fresh coat of yellow
more dandelions

April 24, 2016

one robin
shrieks a warning note
the evening news

April 23, 2016

at day’s end
those dandelions I pulled
tugging back at me

April 22, 2016

dogwood tree
with a broken bough...
somehow still blooming

April 21, 2016

did the moon seem
to wait until the sun rose
before it let go?

April 20, 2016

almost daybreak
a breeze prepares
to ruffle the lake

April 19, 2016

waiting patiently
with their their perfect posture
three tulips

April 18, 2016

unwanted ivy
for the first time, we imagine
uprooting it

(HT to @DebbyIrving)

April 17, 2016

first real sun
our freckle crop
comes in nicely

April 16, 2016

traveling beyond
the range of my sight
geese at dusk

April 15, 2016

our heads tipped back
as if to drink

April 14, 2016

sticks flung from the bridge
into the creek below
first experiment

April 13, 2016

my friend’s black iris
oh so close to blooming
all that’s left, now

April 12, 2016

April 11, 2016

spring night
ant generals muling
their next invasion

April 10, 2016

at the rise of Meeting
the children enter singing
bringing spring with them

April 09, 2016

all day rain
even the garden stones
seem to float

April 08, 2016

backing up to make the longer shot — early April sunset

April 07, 2016

me and the squirrels
trying to remember
where we dug our holes

April 06, 2016

earlier each day
birds mapping light
with their songs

April 05, 2016

a forest clearing
overflowing with sunlight
when you say my name

April 04, 2016

wind in the desert
the beginnings of love,
unstoppable heat

April 03, 2016

losing you
to the sky’s high country
these sun-stealing clouds!

April 02, 2016

April 01, 2016

magnolia blossoms
girls with their hair undone
after the prom