December 31, 2018

a hot bath designed
to cancel out my fever
New Year’s Eve cocoon

wondering what changed
as the rain starts up again —
New Year’s Eve

December 30, 2018

gaps in the wren’s song
the first day I’ve forgotten
to think of him

December 29, 2018

a sweet memory
of deciding to kiss her
the night’s first bright star

December 28, 2018

blown-out candle smoke
missing my father
on my birthday

December 27, 2018

take off your glasses
come look at the tree with me
planetary pull

December 26, 2018

words kicking in
just in time to be sung
oldies station

December 25, 2018

Christmas night
we plan our walk to include
the brightest lights

December 24, 2018

she uses her cane
in public for the first time
waxing gibbous moon

(In honor of this post by @rikkipoynter.)

December 23, 2018

three stags
standing at the edge of town
all antlers and pride

I walk into night
with my back to the moon
shadows and longing

December 21, 2018

so full and bright
we can almost see spring
Winter Solstice moon

December 20, 2018

where the rain was
a breeze that shakes the branches
shine and shimmer

December 19, 2018

this small sharp breath
just the sound of me
thinking I saw you

December 18, 2018

sweet indulgence
I comb your hair
with my fingers

December 17, 2018

dark days, darker nights
sun a longed-for memory
a sparrow’s three notes

December 16, 2018

the rain finds our skin
ducks with their busy legs
stirring thoughts of ice

December 15, 2018

overcast weekend
leaning against each other
cut trees still waiting

December 14, 2018

tonight’s wind
reading the trees for answers
mid-December dark

December 13, 2018

how red those berries looked
in snow last year

December 12, 2018

with the wind laid down
the cold seemed somehow less so
still, she took my arm

December 11, 2018

winter hikes were best
reveling in contrast
cocoa in the cold

December 10, 2018

two blue jays
trading places in a tree
my mother fills his glass

December 09, 2018

pine needles poking
ice melting into his drink
Christmas depression

December 08, 2018

every day
the holly berries catch
a little less light

December 07, 2018

with his clothes gone
the house seems even quieter
snow falling on snow

December 06, 2018

at last you return
one more layer
to wrap myself in

December 05, 2018

advent season
carols I learned as a child
return to visit

December 04, 2018

starlight through branches
playing a harmonic note
just barely touching

December 03, 2018

blown-out milkweed pods —
white wisps so close to nothing
I have to touch twice...

December 02, 2018

weary from the start
early morning light revealing
my father’s death again

December 01, 2018

frost in the forecast
our Christmas card list
shorter again this year