June 30, 2015

heirloom seeds
sprouting in a wild ruckus
of celebration

June 29, 2015

nobody can see
these little hairs on my chin
but oh, I feel them!

June 28, 2015

bees bumping their way
through the stalks of lavender
our summer Sunday

June 27, 2015

birds waiting in trees
as the rain mutes their singing —
my unshed tears

June 26, 2015

sore smile muscles,
belief starting to take hold
when your dream comes true

June 25, 2015

the thud as it falls
a half-read book forgotten
in the bed again

We interrupt these haiku...

A warm thank you to my friend Barbara (@bffox on Twitter), who managed to snag a few seconds of my song leading at yesterday's march & prayer vigil in solidarity with the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC.

My instinct in times of struggle is to be in community; this gathering of 400 or so people in my hometown was very much a healing one for me.

The song I'm leading is Sweet Honey in the Rock's "Ella's Song," which takes as its inspiration the words of civil rights activist Ella Baker.

June 24, 2015

front yard bunny
scooting right under the fence
soon you’ll be too big

June 23, 2015

approaching thunder
we try to hear the words
in the grownups’ fight

June 22, 2015

trees at dusk
blacker than the coming night
but not for long

June 21, 2015

the curve of the road
and me over here longing
to keep you in sight

June 20, 2015

young robin
so proud to fly at last,
but those landings!

June 19, 2015

you sleep right through it
I try to take in the sunset
for both of us

June 18, 2015

reeling again
patterns so familiar
they could be a dance

June 17, 2015

we move slowly
testing the edge of too close
front yard bunny

June 16, 2015

losing track
of the storm’s edge
rainy day swim

June 15, 2015

in a crowd of cries
I hear only the voice
of my boy

June 14, 2015

I remind myself
about those weeks of training
and keep running

For the full story, see bit.ly/transformbutwait

June 13, 2015

this morning
the smallness of the finches
is what captured me

June 12, 2015

can I make one breath
last ‘til I reach the deep end? —
he challenges me

June 10, 2015

seeming at once
rock steady and precarious
a crane on one leg

(Inspired by EFK)

June 09, 2015

Oma’s recipe
the cake was always ready
before we arrived

June 08, 2015

this tiny new fawn
still so wobbly and yet
trying to bound

(Inspired by RPK)

June 07, 2015

we tie the driftwood
together into a raft
leaving drifting behind

(For TLF, my partner in raft-building.)

June 06, 2015

playing at playing
the outfielders wander off
late in the game

(Inspired by M & R)

June 05, 2015

the nurse takes his pulse
while I remember when
his heart beat within me

June 04, 2015

sun-soaked days
we feel the urge to travel,
unfold all our maps

June 03, 2015

during the storm
rainwater like a mill race
looking for a mill

June 02, 2015

fixin' to grow up
as fast as the rain came down
from-nowhere mushrooms

June 01, 2015

watching the rabbits
out in the pouring rain
and not minding