November 30, 2017

new constellations
the lines connecting our stars
are curved

November 29, 2017

yard work
we leave the dead branches
the birds love so much

November 28, 2017

cold November night
even the scent of woodsmoke
warms us a little

November 27, 2017

more leaves on the ground
than there are left on the trees
she shakes her snow globe

November 26, 2017

arroyo near dusk
only the tips of the trees
still seeing sun

November 25, 2017

nails dark with loam —
stand slowly, breathe in
the last garden day

November 24, 2017

November 23, 2017

at the wood’s edge
a fox seems to flicker
in and out of sight

November 22, 2017

carrots and parsnips
earth and rain and cooler air
all of it welcome

November 21, 2017

a steady trickle
to keep the pipes from freezing
my daily haiku

November 20, 2017

raucous geese
cries bringing the sky closer
as they fly over

November 19, 2017

art show opening
every man eager to talk
about himself

November 18, 2017

the ash grove at night
moonlight peeking in
to see if we’ve gone

November 17, 2017

we tell it again
the story of our bedroom
and that one firefly

November 16, 2017

a deer-shaped darkness
running across the road ahead
November nights

November 15, 2017

banking the embers
that will be tomorrow’s fire
he tells me a story

November 14, 2017

gone for just a month
one droplet in a sky of rain
and still we feel it

for C.R., in memoriam

November 13, 2017

again and again
my thoughts drawn back to you
paths worn by walking

November 12, 2017

half-frozen puddles
carpeted with gingko leaves
winter kisses fall

November 11, 2017

lost in the fog
grandpa’s hesitation
as he makes the turn

November 10, 2017

river valley fog
we begin to doubt
that day will break through

November 09, 2017

feeling the flow
rapids of our own devising
as we dam the creek

November 08, 2017

pouring water
from one cup to another
our long conversation

November 07, 2017

layer-proof cold
the weight of your loss
pushing out a sigh

for C.R., in memoriam

November 06, 2017

November morning
stepping into the quiet,
my breath made visible

November 05, 2017

barn swallows
and their swooping dives
when you say my name

November 04, 2017

we put your stories
in motion, in flight, in air
memorial service

for C.R., in memoriam

November 03, 2017

what about those times
when we know what we needed
too late, oh too late

for C.R., in memoriam

November 02, 2017

under the weight
of an unbroken wave
this day without tears

for C.R., in memoriam

November 01, 2017

woodsmoke in the air
our hands, reaching out
across the gap