May 31, 2017

night rain so fine
it seems more like a cloud
missing Issa

May 29, 2017

reading old haiku
my son is surprised
I can pick mine out

May 28, 2017

light dimming
as the rain picks up
relay race hand-off

May 26, 2017

head at an angle
the mockingbird listens in
as we say goodnight

May 25, 2017

approaching thunder
imagine the excitement
of the trees

May 24, 2017

outer petals
opening, falling away
her hand on my hip

May 23, 2017

seeking any way
the wisteria climbing
back on itself

May 22, 2017

against all this green
two male cardinals
flashing red

May 21, 2017

your smile when we talk,
the season’s first firefly
signs of things to come

May 20, 2017

leftover roots
of the tree we cut down
first crush memories

May 19, 2017

hoping for rain
the ways in which only you
can quench this thirst

May 18, 2017

morning commute
a deer picking its way
alongside the road

May 17, 2017

late night walk
a solitary cricket
our only light

May 16, 2017

nocturnal noises
my thoughts skitter away
down the alley

May 15, 2017

unrisen May moon
I read you the parts
you cannot see

May 14, 2017

vultures in the rain
black wings spread protectively
over their meal

May 13, 2017

rain and more rain
under the backyard table
a single cardinal

May 12, 2017

moon-covering clouds
I wait until you fall asleep
before I leave the bed

May 11, 2017

beginning gardner
second thoughts about the weeds
after she’s pulled them

May 10, 2017

mid-May full moon
all day long the azaleas
preparing to shine

May 09, 2017

cool spring days
in the stroller, a baby’s feet
kicking and kicking

May 08, 2017

late night snack
by the earthworm’s burrow
maple seed wings

May 07, 2017

our delight in spring
expressed in another language
fox in moonlight

May 06, 2017

tall white tulips
favorite of the deer each year
still here, somehow

May 05, 2017

late night rain
so fine it feels more like cloud
which bird will sing first?

May 04, 2017

there and not there
translucent dragonfly wings
the world holds its breath

May 03, 2017

blustery May day
all along the bridge
spiders start over

May 02, 2017

past hedges full
of buzz and blossom
who kissed who first?

May 01, 2017

late spring ant parade —
each one the last
until the next