September 16, 2003

Why Not Admissions?

Finally got together with MM tonight to catch up a bit and bring her up to speed on my plans. While we were still in connect-the-calendars mode I'd mentioned that I'd missed seeing SM on my last swing through the office; MM kindly invited SM to join us for pizza dinner at her house, which was great.

When I tell people that I think I may end up back at TCNJ, they often think I mean back at my old job. And why not? I had a great experience there... terrific people, a chance to make a real contribution, bright students. But at this point I have pretty much decided to rule out college admissions jobs unless it becomes absolutely necessary to consider them. There are two main reasons for this: First, I think that taking a break from waged work has made me hungry for new challenges. After over a decade of admissions work, I certainly still have more to learn, but there is also much that will never be new for me again. The second reason for looking beyond my "field of origin" is of a much more practical nature. It would be better for our family if both grownups weren’t both on the same “fall = travel, winter = reading” schedule . So, yes to school life, no to admissions. At least not undergrad. I think.

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