April 30, 2004

Best Interview on Least Amount of Sleep

I had SUCH a bad night's sleep last night! Endless involuntary games of mental ping pong... TCNJ (ke-bip), K12 school (ke-bop), TCNJ (ke-bip), K12 school (ke-bop). Then, when I schlepped up to the K12 school (many thanks to good friend Mary and my lovely partner, who together totally saved my bacon with regards to Mr. D care), the first thing the Head did was thrust three juggling balls into my hands. "Okay, first things first," he said with a grin, "teach me!" Luckily for me I wasn't just blowing smoke in my supporting documentation; I've taught so many people how to juggle over the years that I slipped quite easily into juggling instruction mode, and he actually already knows how, just needs a few touch-up tips. Which I happily provided


In addition to the impromptu juggling lesson, the rest of the conversation also went well. We liked each other, had good questions for each other, and are generally interested in making a go of it. I got a lot of my more specific, "nuts and boltsy" questions answered. No offer yet, I think because they still have one last interviewee coming in on Monday, but I got the sense from the Head that the administrative staff was feeling like it would be pretty tough for this as-yet-unknown to unseat me from my current position at the top of the hill.

So now I can give TCNJ a heads up as to their need to step up, and we'll see where this ride is going. Right after I take this nap.

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