May 04, 2004

Thanks for the phone manners, Mom!

Most of my adult life I've been teased at some level or another for my extra-polite (by what passes for standards in these ultra-casual days) phone manners. I always answer the phone by saying, "Hello, [my full name] speaking," or sometimes, "Hi, this is Shelley."

Well today was one of those days that I was grateful to my mom for drumming that into me, because the phonecall that came just as D and I were sitting down to pre-nap books was from the Head at the independent K12 school! After my dependably professional greeting, I was able to manage a "Could I call you back in a few minutes? I'm just about to put my son down for his nap."

No problem. So I finished reading Green Eggs and Ham (which holds up remarkably well over multiple readings, unlike, for example, The Mouse About the House, which I have taking to hiding because I can't stand the thought of reading it again). But I digress. I finished storytime, tucked D. in, and spent about 10 minutes writing myself some notes so that I could remember everything I wanted to mention in our conversation if it was of the job offer variety.

Which it WAS!

There are still a few loose ends to tie down, mostly relating to benefits, but negotiations are definitely underway, and the K12 independent school should be sending me a contract for review in just a few days. Now the other indepdent school & TCNJ REALLY need to get their acts together. I'm trying to stay "in the moment" until things have settled out. But I'll confess to fantasizing about going on a Lands End work clothes spree. Whee!

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