May 12, 2004

We Have a Winner!

After confirming with TCNJ and the other independent school that any offer they would make would be substantially inferior to the standing offer from the independent K12 school (either because it would come much later in the summer or leave me much less time with my family once I took the job), I drove on up to the K12 independent school to hand-deliver my contract to the folks in the Upper School Administration Office. (My little sidekick came with me and charmed everyone he met, as usual.) I'll work the days I want to work this summer, get an iBook and a parking space, and they'll help with both the finding and financing of care for Mr. D during the last week in August.

I am so pleased and grateful. Thank you to the squillionth power to everyone who hung in there with me, passed along leads, served as a referee, and just generally helped me keep my chin up.

Not sure what I'll be doing, blogwise, from here on out, but of course will keep you in the loop!

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