June 10, 2005

Just Once...

Just once, I'd like for my repair experience to go like this:

Me (to repairdude): So when can you be here?
Repairdude: Anytime you like, ma'am.

And then, when he arrives, promptly and not smelling even a little bit like smoke, here's how I'd like THAT to go:

Me (to repairdude): So, what do you think?
Repairdude: It's not that bad, actually... this little valve over here just gave out. And we sell a ton of these, so I probably have the part right out in the truck. (Goes to truck. Returns and re-enters the house after carefully wiping feet.) Yep, here it is! Should take me about 20 minutes.

At the moment, we have no air conditioning. I'm blogging from the basement, the only place cool enough to hear myself think. (Yay, DSL!) What do you think the odds are of the scenario above playing out in my lifetime? Sigh.

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