July 20, 2005

That's a LOT!

That's a LOT!
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For those of you who have lost track, Mr. D provides a clue (and some commentary via facial expression) as to the exact number of candles now required for Tama's birthday cake. (We gave up and went out for ice cream instead.)

Many thanks to those of you who have shared with us reports of beastly local weather in our hometown (and in some of yours, too)... fabulous weather really does feel even better when you know you're escaping some sticky nightmare of a day somewhere else. We had a great week of camping at good old North of Highlands, and are now living it up at the Best Western way out at the tip of the Cape. Adventures have included tree climbing -- Mr. D now has a pair of pants that he calls his climbing pants -- bike riding (Mr. D's in the trailer still, so we're in great shape), a witnessing of a historically accurate re-enactment of ship-to-shore rescue techniques, lots of kayaking and beach time (still no burns, Grampy!), and now, a week of hotel decadence complete with pool and nearby wireless access so I can update y'all on the latest. La di dah.

The little man has been learning a lot. He's napping now, but earlier today he and Tama were working on a model schooner they picked out at the Province Lands Visitors' Center the other day.... he's quite a good little paint mixer. He can also now smack a mosquito with the best of them (the bugs have generally not been a problem, but when dusk falls, LOOK OUT!)... the other day after killing one that had somehow snuck into the hotel room he turned to us and said, "We are hard monsters to them, aren't we?" Quite pleased with himself, and maybe a tiny bit horrified.

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