August 21, 2005

The latest

Of the posts I read about Camp Casey today, here's the one I liked best.

Although Truthout's recording of Steve Earle singing, "The Revolution Starts Now," is right up there.

How about you? At this point, any one person's impression of Cindy Sheehan and the activism bubbling up in Crawford is likely to be filtered through whatever lens you're looking through. The difference, for me in 2005, is that there are so many lenses to choose from, and that they're all available to me at no additional cost.

Googlezon and EPIC are looking less science-fictiony every day.

On a completely unrelated topic, I liked Hitch. Eva Mendes doesn't even really do it for me, either, but Will Smith and Kevin James are just fun to watch. Sure, it's predictable, but hello? It's a romantic comedy.

If you want unpredictable, keep your eye on Crawford, TX.

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