January 29, 2006

My Life In Stories

My friend Fred [waves: Hi Fred!] recently sent me a letter -- yes, the old-fashioned snailmail kind, despite the recent USPS price hikes -- and included a great addendum. One night, while suffering from a bad case of brainwhirl, Fred got to thinking about all the "true life stories" (as D. would call them) he has told over the years. He sat down to make a list of the ones that he's told enough times that they've settled down into a relatively stable version. And then he sent me the list. He's offered me the chance to pick the one he writes down next (thanks, Fred!), and I've been inspired to start working on a list of my own. So here goes, in roughly chronological order:

Pop-Pop Runs Away
Honey Honey Honey
Those Aren't Sneakers
"Mommy, It's Raining In Our House"
"Mommy, I Spilled Noodles..."
The Carnival
Two Turkeys and 100 Gallons of Gas
Shelley Loves a Challenge
Mrs. Proswimmer
Pleasant Lake Stars
Hurricane Agnes
She Can Do What?
The Contract
Slinky Lesson
Personal Snow Day
Sixth Grade Boycott
What does MLK Day mean?
“Mark Twain's study!”
Liminal Muck
Two Snakes
Dad's Wagging Finger
Opa and the Plants
Dinnerware for the Fish
“Ja. Und zen…”
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Chasing our Pizza
Half the Hills in Colorado
Up the Mast
First Love: Tiny Parallel Steps
Anne Bailey
Flames and Sparks
Endless Island
Losing My Church
The Beast
Sure, I Know How to Run a Dimmerboard
Coming Out To Michael – Twice
First Broken Bone
The Protest That Worked
Silence = Death
A Conscious Choice
Janine Went First
Courier Trip to Lancaster
Shit, Man, I Can't Even Believe She Alive!
“Pu**y-li**in' dy** a**”
Quaker Meeting Membership
“She's weird, but...”
The Well-Planned Conference
“You could be replaced...”
Meeting Terri
“Oh. Terri.”
The Persistent Fact of My Happiness
Anna Crusis
Grief Counselor
“Youse could start a liberry!”
Walk. With me. To the car. Right now.
RPS Interview

Thanks again, Fred.


Tracy said...

Wow. So inspiring! I want to make one. You, having abstained from alcohol all these freaking years, have a MUCH better memory that I -- not sure my list would be so long. What is the story about Anne Bailey? You are aware, right, that that 6th grade boycott was MINE???

Shelley said...

Just because they're my stories doesn't mean they're about me! How boring would THAT be? :-)