February 17, 2006

Guy Conger

Guy was literally the boy next door. Before the Prikopas moved in, Guy was my main man in the neighborhood. Together we plotted to kill his little brother and talked about what we would steal if we could. We were sneaky and mysterious and up to no good together. Guy was the first and so far only person I ever got into a real fight over. (Someone played that mean seesaw trick on him of getting him up high in the air and then stepping away to let him crash down; I rushed the perpetrator and bloodied his nose.)

I have no idea where Guy went. When his family moved away, I was too young to even ask why. I didn't know yet about the work that keeping track of people represents. I also don't know where Alan Cooke, my first boyfriend (not a typo) went. Or Ashton whatshisname, for that matter.

More importantly, where are Anne Bailey, Monica Russ, and MJ Warrender now? For some reason I'm thinking tonight about people I've lost track of.

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Tracy said...

Is Guy Conger one of your stories? I think of him very often, too, and wonder who my girls' guy congers and Laurie Surdaks and Karen Stumpffs will be... Hope they have some as good as those three. Ashton's last name is on the tip of my tongue. He was cute, ya' know... I love the way you p[erfectly capture the whole Guy Conger thing in so few sentences. It's a gem. Have you googled any of these people?