February 15, 2006

What's Playing

Indigo Girls' Least Complicated (from Swamp Ophelia, 1994)

Jackson Browne's acoustic remix of "Lives in the Balance" (PC/Windows here, Mac/Quicktime here), from Jackson Browne Solo Acoustic Vol. 1.

Three5Human's "Black Rock Queen" (playing only in my head; don't own the CD yet)

Indigo Girls' Get Out the Map (from Shaming of the Sun, 1997) (Did I mention we just went to an Indigo Girls concert Monday night?)

Dar Williams' Echoes (Real Audio | Windows), from My Better Self (2005)

Holly Cole (Pretty much all of her stuff. Why oh why won't she come and sing Stateside? Okay, don't answer that.)

Judith Owen's Lost and Found (again, all of it)

Okay, Laura and Kim and Jessie & Stacey and Scott, you're tagged for seven songs from your playlist. Someday. If you have a second. And yes, the songs you and your kid are singing without benefit of recorded prompt count. D and I are currently into "Jenny's Got A Bright New Penny."


Chelle said...

"... I'll find it..."

Shelley said...

She didn't lose her penny at all, she gave her penny to me! :-) Nice blog duet-ing with you!

Evolved Mom - Stacey said...

Thanks so very much! When life slows down a bit we'll find some songs.