February 04, 2006

A Wiki of Your Very Own

PBwiki logo

(Warning, this post has a high geek factor. If the thought of wireless access everywhere doesn't make you drool, you might want to just surf on by.)

There are lots of things I love about the internet. EBay for Legos. Opportunities to connect with people who share your interests. Reducing waste by Freecycling. Etc. etc.

But my latest kick is the availability of free wikis. If you don't know what a wiki is, the most successful example is probably the amazing Wikipedia. Wikis are sites that enable mutiple people to alter their content, and now, thanks to folks like those at PBWiki, YOU could have a wiki of your very own.

I'm just starting on mine, so I won't share it with you quite yet, but to get an idea of the possibilities, you could check out a list here. Obviously some of these ideas are ones that you wouldn't want to make public or editable by anyone but you, but as the wiki owner, you'd have control over those aspects. Okay, that's it, end of geeky gushing.

Disclaimer: In writing this post, I am qualifying for an automatic doubling of my storage space on my PBWiki. Which I plan to make use of. Any day now.


Tracy said...

Yeah...you always were the geek. As the family's "mall chic," I have the following dumb question: how would this wiki thing be different from just keeping a word file which is a list? --- OH! I could access it from anywhere?

suite-e-pi said...

Hi Shelley, it's Jenny, (blog name invented as a joke and never used before this). Just wanted to say hi and you have a neat blog!!

Wiki things look really useful.

Shelley said...

Tracy, yes, portability is one of the advantages, but if that were all you needed you could sign up for an account at writely.com (check it out). The way in which wikis really shine is their ability to activate a "hive mind" capability. Here's another great example: http://www.fluwikie.com/

No one person could pull that off.

And hey, Jenny, thanks for visiting! C'mon back now, ya hear? :-)