March 24, 2006

Must. Take. Nap.

Oh my goodness, we are so tired. Even if we didn't have calendars, even if we couldn't look out the window and see the crocii poking their pretty little heads up, we'd be able to tell that it was end of March by the sheer weight of our eyelids.

It's the admissions cycle. No matter how many graduating high school seniors there are, no matter how many applications they file, the work of reviewing them all has to happen by the same deadline.

Back in the day, that deadline was April 15th. But now that we're at an all-time high in both numbers of students (roughly 3.1 million) and numbers of applications filed? It's April 1st. No foolin'.

So... thank goodness at least ONE person in the family is grabbing power naps. The rest of us are trying to live vicariously through him!

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Tracy said...

what a little love.