April 01, 2006

Life Skills

That's D working on his shrug stretch, and SiriOm Singh showing him how it's done. D and I just finished a 6 week parent-and-kid yoga class, and as you can see, he really has his act together. Yoga is a fabulous all-family activity, especially because there's a good chance that the kids will be able to achieve poses that your grownup body can now only dream of. (At one point, trying to encourage me, D pulled my hand down to my ankle and said, "I'll hold it here until you get the hang of it, Mommy.")

Earlier this week, on his way upstairs to take a bath, D announced that he was feeling like maybe taking a shower instead. His other mom, who has been the bath meister ever since that first "how to bathe your baby" class in the hospital the day he was born, carefully talked him through the necessary steps while just as carefully staying out of his way. Out of the blue, and just like that, he has become a shower-taker, this boy who previously wanted to cover his face with a wash cloth when even a cup full of water was poured over his head.

I love watching him take on the new stuff in his life, and I hope that we'll get lots of these chances to stand there with him as he figures it all out.

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