September 26, 2006

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Our little man has always been a good sleeper. And we have a great bedtime routine. Books, bed, songs, lights out; rarely any fuss. Last night, just before I See the Moon, D asked for a little extra time. I thought he wanted to get settled more comfortably, which is often part of his pre-Moon Song deal... likes to really drink that last song in. But this time, what he wanted, was "to pray." I know bedtime prayers are a pretty common part of a lot of folks' bedtime routines, but they've never really been part of ours, so I was pretty surprised. "Okay, sweetie, that sounds good," I said, and waited.

"I prayed that God would send me the very best Transformer ever," he shared. And for once, I bit my lecturing tongue and simply said, "Oh, okay."

"Wait, wait, I have an even better idea!" he said then. And went back to praying.

"This time," he said as he snuggled down into his pillow, "I prayed for a bigger heart, so I can love even more." He was excited and quite pleased with himself.

Just when you think your heart can't get any bigger, they go and build you a whole new addition.

(Thanks to Passing the Torch for the encouragement.)


Lillithmother said...

Shelley, what a beautiful prayer D said...made this here heart grow a little too! And the picture of both of you snuggled together is priceless...thank you for sharing!


Pass the Torch said...

My eyes just filled with tears. How can little kids be so wise?? What a darling prayer and a darling boy.

Thank you for passing the torch again with us this week.

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juliloquy said...

Wow, what a sweet and wise little man! I wish for that, too, for him and all of us.

Josephine said...

That's so sweet my eyes just welled up!

I hope God heard him.

kerrdelune said...

Ok Shelley, this is beautiful and what a wonderful little man he is, to ask for a bigger heart in order that he can love even more.

Bitter Sweet said...

That has got to be one of the most beautiful things I have ever read..

Awww, kids are so special. So innocent and loving.

sophie said...

gosh darn it i just love kids
to bits:)

Stacy said...

Wow. That there is a mansion-sized addition, I think.


tracey said...

I swear, that was the most precious thing I have ever heard.

SarahJane said...

beautiful entry, beautiful photo!
thanks for this today

Tonya said...

How sweet - I think that should be my prayer as well. Tell your son thanks for the reminder !
Thank you too for sharing !


UL said...

oh my heart brimmed, children say the most wonderful things sometimes.