November 02, 2006


You know how I always brag about how brave a parent I am, how I'll let D do stuff that other parents are scared to let their kids try, blah blah blah?

I lied.

D was absolutely transported by Hallowe'en this year, and desperate to help carve a pumpkin. As soon as he and the knife and the giant, slippery, hard-to-pierce-even-if-you're-a-grown-up pumpkin were in the same room, I bolted.

"You're going to have to do this with your Tama," I called in from the dining room. "It's too scary for me to think about you maybe hurting yourself, buddy."

He brought me a bucket for me to use "if I felt like throwing up." Which I ended up not needing. Because of course Tama was on the case and all was well.

Still. Scary.

(Thanks as always to the women of
Mama Says Om for their continuing inspiration.)


The Shape of a Mother said...

Ah yes, my dh wanted to let my 4yo carve her pumpkin but I put the nix on that!!!

marsha said...

my youngest was happy just being able to scoop out the insides. She liked the squishyness.

Nancy in NYC said...

I guess this means he won't be carving at Thanksgiving?