April 06, 2007

Livin' the High Life

This is what a resort golf and recreation hotel looks like. It's Rosen's Shingle Creek, and we can hardly believe we're here. I just called the pro shop over at Hawk's Landing and they confirmed, using their GPS golf cart monitoring system, that she's on the 18th hole, so I'm getting ready to pick her up from her first of two full rounds of golf during this trip.

Later on this afternoon, I'm going to get a concierge in trouble, but that's a story for another time... ooh, the pro shop just called, gotta go!

(Thanks, Grandpa and Nana!
We try not to talk about D more than 25% of the time...)


Stacy said...

Have fun. 25% seems awfully low........but good luck!

cloudscome said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I am so jealous!!! Golf! HA! The grass is green, right? The sky is blue... the club swings so smooth... whack and the ball is flying.... I'm lost in daydreams now...