May 24, 2007

Night Haiku

Late night walk –
spiderweb across my face –
caught for a moment.

D stayed over at a friend's house tonight. This enabled T to play a round of golf at the crack of dawn tomorrow before her root canal. (Welcome to this week's episode of "Sentences You Never Thought You'd Hear".)

On those rare occasions when we find ourselves with a boy-free night, we invariably take a little after-dark walk. Just because we can. T says that once D's twelve we can step out for a little walkabout after he's gone to bed and not worry about falling afoul of the law. Only seven more years to go.


SarahJane said...

haha - love the idea of sentences you'd never thought you'd hear. yes, that certainly was one.

webs said...

T up at the crack of dawn?!?

Stacy said...

Nothing says summer like night time strolls!