May 07, 2007

So Satisfying

In the midst of all our Kinetic Sculpture excitement, and despite cellphone connectivity issues, the fabulous Wendy of Mother Rising found me!

Whenever someone expresses skepticism about the value of blogging, I smile gently, avoid picking a fight, and imagine talented artists like Wendy and Nancy (and and and), who are creating and parenting with such style and grace and who I wouldn't have even known existed, let alone MET, if it hadn't been for their blogs.

I'm fixin' to move a couple of the other "Bloggity Goodness" denizens on up to "Lucky To Know 'Em" ville, too. Someday.

I tried to take a picture of the yummilicious Mr. Satch, but he was feeling shy... still, look closely and you can see that awesome smile peeking out from under his mama's hat on loan... kiss kiss kiss is the only appropriate response:

SUCH a satisfying feeling to meet these folks, if tantalyzingly brief...

1 comment:

KerrdeLune (Cate) said...

I wish I had been there, Shelley. Is there space for crones and grandmothers?