May 23, 2007

Water on the Brain

Today's WaPo has an article about parthenogenesis in sharks:

A team of American and Irish researchers have discovered that some female sharks can reproduce without having sex, the first time that scientists have found the unusual capacity in such an ancient vertebrate species.


Meanwhile, I'm starting to think about the onset of swimming season, and since the lovely folks at Delta never did find my luggage, it's time to go shopping over at Tactics.

Surfer's rash guards are just SO much cooler than regular old swim suits, don't you think?


Wendy said...

you bet! i still wear my ancient but swell hawaiian surf trunks...from back when they were called "jams" not board shorts...and my tiny campfire girls t-shirt.

Angie said...

Hey, Shelley! Yes, much cooler.