June 17, 2007

The End of Beginning School

The end of the school year is an absolutely CRAZY time for those of us who work in schools. We have three people in our family, and each one of us is affiliated with a different school, so we were crazy times three last week!

On June 7th D celebrated his last week of Beginning School with a terrific evening "window" onto what their work together this year has been like:

The songs are the same,
the teacher, and the guitar –
we the only change.

Twenty years from now
we'll see this picture and think,
"Already you, then."

Stories in the tent
every child listening closely –
even moths want in

We capped off the evening with a sleep-over... and you really haven't lived until you've hung out with a bunch of five year-olds hopped up on S'mores and excitement, up way past their bedtimes and determined to catch each and every firefly!

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Anonymous said...

cute cute photos; those are memories they will look back on forever.