June 22, 2007

Hooky Haiku

Playing hooky –
the only question, what
to bring on the train

(Thanks to my friend cloudscome,
for her continuing inspiration,
and hello to the good people of Poetry Friday!)

(Updated after our trip to include this haiku from the homeward leg...)

High white clouds look on
while our train races the sun
and sleep claims my boy

(You were right, Auntie Nish;
this was about two minutes
after we rolled out of Penn Station!)


Mary Lee said...

Your haiku makes me remember fondly the packing I did as a child for even the shortest road trips!

Kim from Hiraeth said...

: )

playing hooky is a wonderful thing. . .

cloudscome said...

What fun! A train to somewhere else...

Stacy said...

Man, I wish I could sleep like that!

Christine M said...

I have a poem about a train this week too! It's by my daughter.

'n said...

spiderman sleeps. a superhero needs his rest.