July 06, 2007


When I'm trying to be quiet – sneaking into my son's room to put away some folded laundry, maybe – it seems that those are the times when I knock something to the floor, or trip over my own feet. Does that ever happen to you?

What is it about human endeavor that turns the act of trying into an obstacle?

I think about the times in my life when I have been pushing too hard, working to get someone's attention, or "make" someone like me (as if that were even possible), and what I feel is how desire can make your road so slippery.

I am on vacation now, and for the next few weeks my expectations for my life – and the attending illusion of control – will be hollowed out. We'll be camping, and the weather will be what it is. We might hope to get a beach fire permit, but we also know that it might not happen. We'll wake up in the morning and then figure out what we might be doing that day. We won't be trying for much, and because of that, peace and happiness are likely to be much less slippery than usual.


gautami tripathy said...

We all slip but most important thing is to pick ourselves up and get on living.

strauss said...

I am a clumsy clot 100% of the time, I just notice it more when I am trying not to be.

Patois said...

I agree that when you're holiday is camping, your expectations are not as high. But when your vacation costs a pretty penny, you search harder and harder for the ideal -- which makes it more slippery than usual.

I hope you get the weather you seek.

Rob Kistner said...

When we humans try to think our way through a physical act that, for the most part, we can do effortlessly without thinking -- we inevitably will mess up.

Because, believe it or not, the 'simple' act of walking is actually too complex for our conscious mind to effectively control -- the complete act of running, and all that is involved physically, is impossible to control with the conscious mind.

Our subconscious is far better at monitoring our inherent motor skills.

So, when you are entering you son's room, thinking about walking and 'being' quiet -- you have stacked the cards against yourself.

forgetfulone said...

That would have been a perfect way to describe myself as slippery. Have fun camping.

Redness said...

A mother's work is never done - enjoy the camping - you deserve the break!

Paul said...

Murphy's law of the quiet mother, I guess.