August 04, 2007


Some of the fun of this week has been introducing C to the outstanding attractions of Mercer County. On Thursday, we told the kids that we'd be going to Stewarts for dinner. "Wahooo! Yesssssss!" yelled D as he jumped and danced around. "What's Stewarts? A restaurant?" asked C. She was clearly having trouble imagining how a restaurant could be fabulous enough to elicit such a response.

"Yes!" exclaimed the dancing D. "It's this restaurant, but you get to stay in your car, and they bring you the food and hang it on your car window, and then you get to just do whatever you want in the car!"

We opened the sunroof:

"Hey, look! We're sitting on the TOP of the car!!!!"

We cleaned out the trunk and let the kids experiment with moving their car seats around (!), pulling the seat-release buttons, and just generally wreaking havoc:

And we stayed until we were the very last car:

C will definitely be doing a little dance of joy the next time we mention the possibility of a run to Stewarts. As we were leaving, a newly-converted and blissed-out C said, "And this wasn't even my special day!"

Mission accomplished. :-)


Wendy said...

what fun!

LoosingLindsay said...

You don't see many of those around anymore! What a treat!