October 25, 2007

Fun for the Whole Family

Usually the phrase "fun for the whole family," elicits a "yeah, right" response from me, but you know what? This cool toy, a late-breaking birthday present from Mr. D's Aunt Chelle, actually IS fun for the whole family! You stand on the wobbly base and try to roll the ball through the maze by bending your body this way and that, and it's really hard to do! The gift arrived on a rainy fall evening; perfect timing, Aunt Chelle!


Chelle said...

Glad you're enjoying it.

This came from Hearthsong. http://www.hearthsong.com
A search for wobbler will bring it right up.

Nancy Bea said...

So fun! We had one of these a few years ago; must try and locate it in the swampy jungle that is our basement.