October 11, 2007

Genius Hair II

A while back my blogfriend Wendy wrote a post about the genius hair that runs in her family. Last night young Mr. D and I went to our beloved Maria for haircuts, and I'm not sure about the genius part, but my boy for sure has at least some mad scientist action going on, doesn't he?

We're trying to give him the space to live his own life whenever we can, so I sat quietly reading during both the washing and cutting of Mr. D's hair, and was out of earshot while he and Miss Maria earnestly conferred.

Last time he tried a little flip at the front. Didn't last. Yesterday's brain storm was "sticky-up hair," as aided by the wonders of hair gel and Maria's magic touch. As of this morning, our bath-loving boy is back to showers, because he's figured out that sleeping on the sticky-up hair tends to mess with the overall effect.

So this morning he took a shower, then I took a shower, then we both got dressed and I tried emulate Maria's work. Turns out that she is the true creator of sticky-up hair, but I got it enough so that he was pleased. Tama says that she could tell from his body language as he headed into school that he was a little nervous, thinking that maybe he wasn't a "sticky-up hair" kind of guy after all.

But he left the school building today describing his day as "awesome," and shortly thereafter asked if he could take a shower again tomorrow morning. Three people, three showers. A glimpse of things to come.


Wendy said...

D, i LOVE your sticky-up hair!

polka dot witch said...

oh-oh, world! watch out! this looks like trouble!!!

'n said...

awesome post

Tiel Aisha Ansari said...

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JAXTER said...

OK, that hair rocks and he looks like an angel! He is going to have a tough time fending off all the people who want dates in his not-so-distant dating future...

Tracy said...

Is it me, or does he look EXACTLY like Calvin?

Is he still "stickying" with it?