October 20, 2007

Turning a Corner

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have a bike rider!

Mr. D scooted over to the playground this morning, delighted to be in the company of his school friend, Little Boy From Italy. There were five of us (Little Boy From Italy brought his father and sister along), and at one point Mr. D's young friend wanted to give D's scooter a try. Remembering my friends' stories of offering their kids "no pressure" opportunities to try bike riding, I said to D: "Hey buddy, do you want to try riding your friend's bike?" "Sure," he said.

I took this picture three minutes later.

I just held the seat and gave him a push and that was it. I didn't even run alongside, instead standing there dumbfounded as he rode over the grass and then calmly steered around a tree and out onto the playground. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I had just finished explaining to Boy From Italy's dad that D wasn't quite past the point of needing training wheels yet.

Sometimes being wrong is actually fun.


Chelle said...

Yoo hoo! Excellent news.

Wendy said...

HOLY GUACAMOLE! What to go, D!!!!

jillypoet said...

Yay! Hooray! My guy learned this summer and he still likes to reminisce about how he learned so quickly! And, of course, rub it in that his two-year-old sister can't do it. She, on the other hand, loves to peddle her heart out and say, "I fast like my brother!"

jillypoet said...

Is peddle a word? I am way too tired!

PS: Wendy-I didn't know anyone else ever said HOLY GUACAMOLE! Nice to meet'ya

AscenderRisesAbove said...

awww very sweet. a day you both will remember.

Tracy said...

OMG!!!! Great story. Give him a congratulatory squeeze from me.

Cloudscome said...

YAY! The world is wonderful from the seat of a bike. He is on his way!