November 25, 2007

Care and Feeding

We read a study once that looked at division of labor issues within lesbian and gay households. (I'd cite the specifics if I could remember them, sigh.)

One of the things that the study's authors noticed while compiling their results was that the person in each household who did the food shopping often also ended up being the person who was the familial keeper of likes and dislikes.

I do most of our food shopping (and yes, a Peapod tell-all post is coming soon), but I really think we share our knowledge of each other's food likes and dislikes. Even Mr. D is getting in on the act. ("Tama, you shouldn't be eating that because you know it has chocolate in it. Do you want some of my white chocolate from Hallowe'en?")

There's something so basic and elemental about providing someone not only with sustenance, but with something that will get them "mmmmm"ing with delight.

Here's hoping someone does that for you now and again.

(NaBloPoMo day #25. Warming up for ReadWritePoem's prompt #2.)

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poet with a day job said...

We both do shopping, but as the familial control freak, I keep everything...