November 03, 2007


I've been limping for about a week now. Long enough that folks are asking me if I've seen a doctor about it. (No, but I have an appointment for Tuesday.) My left pinkie toe is infected (ewwwww!) and seems to be having trouble healing of its own accord.

Whenever I experience a temporary disability like this, it makes me think and wonder about all the folks whose disabilities are a daily constant. And I also remember the times when I was disabled in a less visible way – my broken jaw, which only showed once someone engaged me in conversation; my broken heart, which showed when I sat down in Meeting for Worship and felt the tears start up again, unbidden.

We all have hidden abilities and disabilities, and it's not a bad thing to be reminded of that. But I would like to be able to walk again without limping.


polka dot witch said...

i hope you and your toe feel better very soon. i was thinking about your broken heart and jaw, it is funny how many things we "have" or things we "feel" that may not be apparent to others but have such an impact on us.

mental illness is the same way.

i think the world is in more denial about things like that than we are. sometimes when people ask me how i feel, i'll say, "oh, just horrible. like i might rip my own arm off" (or something). and they laugh, "you're so funny." it's like the world can't handle anything but "normal"

Wendy said...

sending you healing vibes.