November 30, 2007

Playing Along

One of my favorite denizens of the blogosphere is the fabulous Patti Digh, whose work is a continual inspiration to me and loads of other people.

Her latest project, in conjuction with her upcoming book, included putting out a call to any artists interested in creating illustrations to go on a deck of cards that she hopes will accompany the book.

I raised my hand. Not because I think of myself as a visual artist – I mostly don't – but because my friends encouraged me, and because I loved the idea of playing along with Patti Digh. So did a lot of other people. We all signed up and were assigned essays, and the one that was selected for me was Signal your turns. You should go read it.

I think the odds of my interpretation being the interpretation are pretty slim. And I really don't care. Because I learned all kinds of new tricks trying to figure out how to make that card up there (thanks for the support, L & C!), and because I was playing along with Patti Digh all week.

(Here endeth NaBloPoMo.
Hope I win a prize!
And you can check out
some other 37days cards here,
if you like.)

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