November 16, 2007

The Sun and Blossoming

Today began with brilliant sun, so different from the rain and fog of the immediately preceding days. My daily drive to work takes me past a small lake, and I was very tempted to swerve off into the public parking area just to soak up some sun and maybe hear some geese and wind. But I was already running late because a certain small someone was having a chatty morning and does like to share his breakfast time with me. So I imagined the time by the lake shore, and I think that was almost as nice.

~ ~ ~

In between rounds of wrestling tonight (the season starts tomorrow and he can hardly wait!), Mr. D asked me if I thought he would be more like me or more like Tama when he grew up. I wish I could get into the habit of saying, "What an interesting question. Why do you ask?" but so far I can't, so instead I said, "I think it's likely that in some ways you'll do things that remind people of me, and that you'll do other things that remind people of Tama, and that probably, you'll do some things that make people wonder, 'Now where did he get that from?'" I think he smiled a little. In several months, when I've forgotten the conversation entirely, he'll pick up the thread as if he's been mulling it over all that time.

I want so much to be present to his blossoming, both because it's thrilling and because I feel like I'll have some great chances to toss in a little Miracle-Gro here and there. Not that he seems to need much.

(Still posting every day this month. Yawn.)

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Chelle said...

And if a certain aunt has anything to say about it he may do a few things that remind people of her. :-)