January 11, 2008


Got an email from the fabulous Ms. F today (Mr. D's teacher), who sadly informed us that a certain six year old's exhibitionist tendencies had gotten the better of him at school today. In the bathroom, at least, but STILL. He was apparently trying to hold the door open in order to embarrass some other poor kid!

Guess we might need to revisit the whole "why privates are called private" thing.

Also tonight, a meeting about the afterschool program at D's school. We sent our thoughts in, but don't plan to attend... as the parents of the boy who inspired "WedgieGate," we're trying to maintain a low profile for as long as we can.

Sheesh. This parenting thing? Not for sissies.


sister AE said...

Big sigh up here. I'm sending you a nice, but respectful, hug.

Chelle said...

Who would have thought that Mr D had this in him. With gentle, or not so gentle, prodding from his parents I am confident that this too shall pass.