February 22, 2008

Reading Haiku

Once a month, the folks at haikuworld.org put together a kukai, in which writers of English-language haiku write and submit haiku in response to specific prompts. Then, if you've submitted a haiku to either prompt (there are usually two), you are permitted to vote on the haiku other folks have written.

I submit my own haiku so that I may have the privilege of voting for other folks'. The voting deadline this month is tomorrow, and
there were over 250 haiku to read and think about. I have now made my selections.

Some of my current thinking about haiku has been shaped by the
editors at Simply Haiku, this post by David Giacalone, and the writings of Robert Hass on the subject. I hope to be trying to write haiku for many years to come. It's harder than it looks.


roads glisten black
as the traffic melts
this morning's snow


Cloudscome said...

Thanks for that link to David Giacalone's article. I chuckled over the "psyku" term. Very true - Haiku is hard to write! It takes a lifetime of practice.

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

I have just gone back to attempting Haiku on the meme. I really appreciate these links, thank you.