March 02, 2008

Weekend Update

Saturday morning shopping, and look who's carrying the bags. Now I know how my folks felt when I started raking leaves.

Saturday afternoon:
FIRST Regional (NJ) Robotics competition. Seventeen years ago, inventor-scientist Dean Kamen founded the FIRST Robotics competitions on the premise that we get more of what we celebrate. He wanted to give kids who were doing smart and creative work in science and technology a chance to be celebrated. There are now over 37,000 high school students participating in these programs, and an afternoon at a regional competition is as close to a guaranteed good time as I can imagine. Also, did I mention, completely free. The students only get six weeks from receiving their design challenge to getting out there and showing it off, and they are truly inspiring in their creativity and unbridled enthusiasm.

Monkey Wrench's entry

Last minute adjustments...

The drivers gear up for a match

Today (Sunday) brought us a sunny day, so we called round to see if the fabulous Miss E and one of her attendant adults might be up for a bit of wilderness conquering. Indeed she was.

Far from the towpath, making their own path.

Navigating the "bridge" back to the towpath

... and here, if you've got five minutes, is what the amazing Dean Kamen is up to these days:

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