April 25, 2008

Haiku - Explanation

mourning doves
explaining the world to us
one more time


Here's the D-man with "his" giant Star Wars visual encyclopedia. (Otherwise known as heaven.) He was struck with a sudden case of shyness upstairs at the library, and didn't want to ask the reference librarian for help. I insisted that it was his job. We compromised and decided to write a note together (wish I had a picture of that)... "STaR WArS SecTion?" He handed it to the nearest librarian, who read it, smiled and led Mr. D off into the stacks, at which point all shyness vanished as he reverted back to his typically chatty self. Once the magical tome was secured, he couldn't stand to wait even the 10 minutes it would have taken us to get home, instead plunking himself down on a handy bench and reverently opening the book. In this picture he is explaining the dangers of this particular monster to me; it's fun for me to have a picture of his "patient teacher who knows all about it" face. And thinking about his penchant for explaining must be part of how I wound up at today's haiku.

(It's gotten to the point that a post
doesn't feel complete to me w/o a postscript.
So, completely off-topic: got me some snowflake rubber stamps
that are actually hexagonal in their design structure;
bet I'll never use the square-ish ones again.)


Grumpy but sweet said...

fantastic expression on his face. :) the good thing, is that you get to take away valuable information about the evil empire and force. lucky you :)

Area 17 said...

hi ya!

Good photo, capturing his expression, nice prose, and neat haiku.

You have a most unusual haibun/haiga combo going and it seems to work, even if you didn't intend it to! ;-)

all my best,

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