April 05, 2008

I close my eyes
the better to hear birdsong, and rise

~ ~ ~

(Shout-out to my Twitter swapmate Howard,
who traded haiku "seed words" with me;
he sent me "rejuvenation" (well, sort of),
and I sent him "leaning," which he wove into a haiku here.)

We saw Argonautika at McCarter today. Jason and his crew of heroes and demi-gods are sent on a fool's mission from which no one expects them to return. But they have the support of Hera and Athena, two powerful goddesses who put their thumbs down on Jason's side of the scale. This drama takes place before the story told in Euripides Medea, which I saw almost 10 years ago (also at McCarter, with Zoe Caldwell in the title role). The predictability of the foolhardy, the senselessness of death, the elusivity of forgiveness, and the power of love to wound as well as to heal... there's a reason that the old stories are still with us. Tomorrow is the last day of the run.


sister AE said...

I like this haiku a lot. It feels transformational.

Shelley said...

Thanks so much, Amy! Trying to write a haiku I can stand to share every day this month. More challenging than I might have thought.

howard said...

sorry for the oversight, but I just peeked into my Twitter archives and realized I actually sent you "regeneration."

I knew something was off in my recollection, but you did well anyway. As sister ae said, it feels transformational.