April 15, 2008

More Sky Haiku

more sky
where the old tree
used to be

This tree at the corner of Prospect and Riverside East came down a few weeks back. All day long the next day, neighbors were walking or driving past, slowing down to take a look or standing silently near the section of trunk that had to be cut up and removed from the road. That same day a friend told me that she thinks she remembers learning that there are cultures in which a baby's first laugh is cause for an official celebration. The passing of an old tree like this one seems like a similar type of event: one worth marking in some way.

Mr. D says he thinks the tree was about 75 years old when it fell.

1 comment:

tumblewords said...

I love this - not that the tree fell, but that you wrote wisely about it and honored it so deftly! Nice!