June 01, 2008

Goin' Back

It was an inauspicious start...
(Mr. D and his friend T
trapped under an umbrella
in an archway during a dramatic downpour.)

But then the sun began to cooperate...
(Mr. D still somewhat skeptical.)

The Princeton Reunion scene is, well, difficult to describe.
The population of the town swells by 30,000 people,
all of whom are wearing orange and black,
and who will defend to the death their right to parade down
the main street of town with their classmates.
Whether or not they liked them back in the day.
Some people plan for this parade for months (years?) in advance:


Each class wears their own distinctive jacket.
The class photo shoot made me think that maybe, just maybe...
the author of Where's Waldo was a Princeton graduate?

Thank goodness for that one guy in the blue shirt...

And no matter what you thought of Princeton before,
you're likely to have a more nuanced understanding
once you've really reveled in Reunions.

Can't wait for next year!

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