June 17, 2008

Kindergartner No More

We have watched him every day. But somehow we missed it anyway. How is it possible that our baby boy has only one more day of kindergarten standing between him and the label "first grader"?

(Thanks to the digital geniuses over here
for helping me create that fun image.)


~ Jenn said...

Tell me about it. Little Dude is now a second grader, and my delicate little preemie can read. When did she grow to be a beauty? When did he grow to be so tall? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dominic! Wow, a real elementary schooler now!

Your cousin Nick just "graduated" on Friday and tomorrow he has a sneak-preview of Guilderland Kindergarten. Nick will start pre-K this fall at St. Ambrose, so he's not *quite* as grown up as you are!

Love, Nick, Tom, & Cheryl

Wendy said...

how can it be?

time passes too quickly these days!

Angela E. Taylor said...

Congrats to the little one. I miss the joy and wonder of actual enjoying J's development. At 10 and temperamental, Jordan generates more interference than awe.

Yesterday, we had a genuine moment unencumbered by the focus of any one of us; it was family laughter and connectedness. It was nice - and fleeting.

Every day seems another hedge btwn resignation and a precipice of possibility. But, i just gleaned some more fodder from a show in the background of my surfing - Mind Brain Machine whose segment "What Is Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum? " gave me some hardware explanation of our lives. I must watch later w/o split attention.

I did have a useful insight this week when I realized that J's not introspective. His whys, though numerous, are always external, never about self. So I guess all is not lost iF I can still be open to hear whatever he's been sent to teach me.


Rockmask said...

Woah, Dom had a cool 'do back then! I must have missed that one. And about moving up on the totum pole, congrats, cuz!