August 27, 2008

Spider and Back-To-School haiku

Image: "Aelse #7" on Flickr: Josef Stufer

every night somehow
the front door spider and I
forget each other

Image: "Do I Need to Know?" on Flickr: Jan Egil Kristiansen

turning leaves,
back-to-school sales

the same new colors

* * * * *

first day of school
long minutes at the mirror

even teachers

(Most months I write a haiku or two
to submit to the monthly author-judged kukai
over at HaikuWorld.
This month that first spider haiku
received nine points, putting it in 12th place.
The haiku immediately before mine (also w/ 9 points)
is by Kala Ramesh, a woman whose 'ku
I often admire. So I am pleased.)

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