September 01, 2008

Heptathalon of Happiness

When we were planning for D's birthday this year, he lobbied hard for a departure from the traditional "# of kids = # of years on the planet" formula. "There's NO WAY I can only invite six people!" he cried. But we held firm, and as a result he is hoping for some special one-on-one playdates with some of the close friends who we couldn't squeeze onto Saturday's guest list.

Once we got past that hurdle, the party planning went very smoothly. Questioning revealed that D's idea of a perfect day consisted of a series of outdoor adventures, and with our brains still buzzing with Olympic excitement (have you heard our outgoing phone message lately?), the Heptathalon of Happiness was born.

Seven kids. Seven events. Seven winners. The events were as follows:

1) Kid Drop Off
2) Frisbee Fling
3) Woods Wander
4) Free Swim
5) Cake Eating
6) Cake Eating, part II
7) Ice Cream, possibly

And here's how it all turned out:

Kid Drop Off

Warm Ups

Frisbee Fling Photo Opp

Woods Walk

Free Swim

Walking Towards Cake

Post-Pool Photo Opp

Events 5-7
Photographic response to the all-important question:
"Hey, D, how was your party?"

(Many thanks to the wonderful friends
who helped make D's special day truly special.
He was especially grateful that several of you
chose to help support the Dian Fossey fund
instead of buying a "stuff" present.
Although the stuff presents were also a big hit!
We'll be working on those thank you notes,
but hope that this is fun in the meantime...)


AscenderRisesAbove said...

that was a lot of fun to read; what a great idea to turn it into an olympic sized event!

Nancy Bea Miller said...

Your family is totally adorable Shel!