October 25, 2008

Getting Stuff Done

Today was a good day.

We figured out how to use Scratch. (Hat tip, Professor Kim!) (And yes, that's some homegrown gorilla sound effect action.)

We got a car inspected (free, no line, totally friendly folks, so great).

We completed and mailed off D's passport application (Belgium in 2010, you heard it here first).

We quoted Danny Kaye ("Get it? Got it. Good."), and a three hour play date ended with no tears having been shed.

We played Clue. (Young Master D won. Fair and square. We were all pleased.)

We made a dent in the gigantic 1,500 piece puzzle from hell. (Guess who's the puzzle grump of the family?)

We adjusted the the bicycle seat of a certain 4'1" someone. Upwards.

And now, this. You will love it, trust me. Go on. Get over there and click around. Totally intuitive and gorgeous.

(More good stuff tomorrow, including
First Day School mid-day potluck
at the Meetinghouse.)


jillypoet said...

Shelley! Thanks for stopping by! I have been very remiss in my blog visiting! I love the crab picture and will show my son! And the flickr thing is awesome!

Tracy said...

belgium?? COOL! How was this plan hatched?