October 02, 2008

Non-Drinking Games

Looking for ways to amuse yourself and/or keep yourself awake during the debate's commercial breaks this evening?

How about these diversions?
Got any more game suggestions? Add 'em in the comments.


~Jenn said...

Thanks for the diagramming article! Mom would have loved it, and I'll love it not just for myself, but on her behalf.

(That was parseable, right?)

Anonymous said...

Cute and innovative!! But some verbal incoherence/bloopers here and there doesn't mean she's stupid, does it?
To become Governor requires considerable intelligence doesn't it?

Shelley said...

@Jenn What a great thought... glad to think of you enjoying it doubly.

@Chimchim Well, everyone has their own things they consider important in a leader, I guess. As someone who has always been a stickler for quality sound, I probably care more than most people do for a leader whose spoken communication skills are first-rate. I'd like someone who's intelligent AND articulate, and from what I've seen, I don't think there's any excuse for putting Sarah Palin on the ticket. I don't want a "folksy" VP who says, "Doggone it." But that's just me.