October 20, 2008


Last weekend's trip home to my parents' home was full of time for reflection and gratitude. A good opportunity to think about priorities.

"For where your treasure is...

... there your heart will be also.

The lamp of the body is the eye."

(excerpt: Matthew 6:19-24)

Tonight, I went to try to hear Cornell West speak about the upcoming election at Paul Robeson's father's church on Witherspoon Street. I arrived at the appointed hour, and the church was full to overflowing. More than 100 people had already been turned away. Walking back to where I'd parked, I met a friend who had also been turned away, and we traded hopes and fears. So I got to read bedtime stories after all.


Wendy said...

beautiful post.

vikki said...

Beautiful photos.

Tracy said...

Gorgeous photos, beautifully punctuated by the verse -- gotta have a copy of the one of M & D, please! Love D's hair, and that you let him do it! I hope he always remembers -- well, if he doesn't, his super mama can show him the photos and say, "see how much I always loved you?"



Cloudscome said...